Chef of the year association

Gruppbild ÅK 2007
The Chef of the Year Association (föreningen Årets Kock) was founded to enable the previous Chefs of the Year to make better use of, develop and spread the culinary skills of the members. The membership is very exclusive; the only way to become a member is to win the Chef of the Year competition, i.e. to become Swedish Champion in Professional Cooking.

The association will also provide others with an opportunity to benefit from the talents of the master chefs, through a number other activities.

The Nobel Dinner

For the last seven years the dinner at the Nobel Prize ceremony has been composed and cooked by the Chefs of the Year. It is a prestigious challenge that calls for extreme ambition and accuracy in terms of logistics, planning and co-ordination. It is also a chance to show the Swedish cuisine to the world. The executive director of the Nobel Foundation says: 'For a number of years we have had the benefit and delight of a creative and fruitful co-operation between the Chef of the Year association and Stadshuskällaren (the restaurant of the Stockholm City Town Hall). In this way we have had an opportunity to show off the Swedish gastronomic culture at an event attracting the worlds interest'.

Educating the star chefs of tomorrow

Since the founding of the association, it has done over two hundred guest appearances at restaurant schools. Together with the students the chef cooks, discuss cooking philosophies and give some insights to what is new on the culinary frontline.

Exporting the Swedish cuisine

Today the Swedish cuisine is truly of world class. Sweden's National Culinary Team is reining Olympic Champions and World Champions. In October 2002 the New York Times published three articles in a series exploring the Scandinavian cuisine. R.W. Apple wrote that 'suddenly Bergmanesque gloom is out; world-class food is in'.

Playing an active and important role on the gastronomic scene and with the master chefs in some of the most famous kitchens in Sweden, the Chefs of the Year takes pride in the booming interest in Swedish food. The association is also engaged in promoting our cuisine abroad, by guest appearances and lectures at fairs, embassies and by helping various companies adding gastronomy to their different events.